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This is the easiest online MP3 converter to use! Transform your video files to audio for free and fast. Check it out here.

How to use the online MP3 converter

MP3Converting online MP3 converter MP3Converting has a simple interface and operation that allows you to transform videos to audio in just four steps.

video to mp3 online

Step 1: Upload your video

Use your computer’s browser and go to the MP3Converting website so that you can find the conversion tool on the main page. You will have to press the button to access the local storage and open the video file for this step.

online video to mp3 converter free

Step 2: Customize the conversion settings

Next, you need to choose your conversion preferences. The platform provides you with MP3, M4A audio formats, and particular iOS, Android, and PC options. Select MP3 and then the quality you want to apply (64, 128, or 320 kbps).

free video to mp3 converter online

Step 3: Convert and wait

Press the “Convert” button for MP3Converting to start the process. The first thing you will see now is your file with an upload bar that will complete from 0 to 100%, followed by a file conversion indicator.

free online mp3 converter

Step 4: Save the MP3

After the upload and conversion are completed, you will be able to access the download button of the new MP3. Click it to save the file to your computer’s local storage.

Audio and video formats

Knowing what formats are processed and available to handle when using online converters is essential.

online mp3 converterAudio format

In MP3Converting, MP3 and M4A are the audio formats par excellence since they compress audio data with less weight and more compatibility.

online mp3 converterVideo format

MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, H.264, and MPEG files are audio formats that MP3Converting can process. These are notable for including audio and video and for being standard.

MP3Converting is the Online MP3 Converter for You

When it comes to an online MP3 converter that gives you excellent capabilities, there is no one like MP3Converting. See what it has to offer:


The conversion process with MP3Converting is speedy; you can enjoy your new MP3 file within seconds.

Batch conversion

To save time and effort, upload all your files once, and MP3Converting will convert them simultaneously with its batch conversion feature.

Compatible with any device

Thanks to its online operation, this tool is compatible with all devices, regardless of the operating system or equipment specifications.

No software

Not only is it an online conversion tool, but you won’t have to install any extensions or programs. Everything is done on the website.


Your files are protected by the tool’s guaranteed security; forget about leaks or others having access to them.

Easy to use

The algorithm and design of the platform ensure that it is easy to use at all times, without complicated procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using online conversion tools that claim to be free, it is customary to doubt their veracity and performance. Find some answers below.

How many times can I use the free online MP3 converter?

There are no restrictions on how many times you can use MP3Converting, as it is an unlimited
access and conversion tool.

What happens to my file after I convert it?

The files you upload to the platform to convert to MP3 are automatically deleted after the file conversion. No risk of leakage.

Do I have to register to use the conversion tool?

No, to use MP3Converting, you don’t need to register or provide private data. You just need to log in and follow the instructions.

Why doesn’t the platform convert my file?

MP3Converting processes specific video formats, such as MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI, FLV, H.264, 3GP, 3G2, RM, ASF; as well as MP3 and M4A as audio formats.